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    Gourmet Toffee

    Our Irresistible Toffee CreationsToffee. Sweet, nutty, buttery, crunchy, sticky decadence, perhaps covered in chocolate and slivers of almonds.

    This irresistible confection has a delicate crunch and slowly melts in your mouth.

    Every morsel of the toffee is savored.

    One Bite is Never Enough

     No wonder toffee is a favorite gift – not just for the holiday season, but year-round.

    Who doesn’t appreciate pulling a brilliantly wrapped package of this gourmet confection out of the bottom of a Christmas stocking or receiving it as a surprise on a work desk?

    But have you ever wondered, “What exactly is this delicious treat? What makes toffee bars so delicious?”

    Let's take a closer look at this popular confection to help you answer these questions and discover what makes Sucré Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee so irresistible!


    Where Did Toffee Come From?

     The exact place and time of origin has been debated for decades. The word first appeared in the Oxford English dictionary in 1825, although it may have been created much earlier.

    Some believe the English word actually has creole roots, which is feasible since historically the British were connected to the lucrative sugar trade in the Americas.

    Wherever it started, toffee became popular in England as the price of sugar dropped during the 1800s. For the first time, the average Brit could afford to make or buy something pretty nonessential to a healthy diet: candy. After it was born and became affordable, its popularity continued to grow. Two centuries later, it remains a classic, irresistible treat.


    Experience Perfection

    A Toffee Treat For The Ages

     While many home bakers try, it’s difficult to replicate the work of the world’s best confectioners. Perfecting toffee bars is an art and requires precise timing and balance of ingredients.  

    Sucré, a New Orleans-based confection studio led by world-renowned pastry chef Tariq Hanna, makes a buttery chocolate almond toffee with a consistency unlike any you’ve ever tasted.

    - Our signature treat: Chocolate Almond Toffee
    This extra-crunchy almond butter creation is enrobed in rich dark chocolate and adorned with roasted almond slivers. Try it yourself and you'll see – it’s the result of true mastery.

    If you're a toffee connoisseur, then you know that many varieties of this popular confection exist. But they all start with the same core ingredients: sugar and butter. Those simple ingredients are what make it so good – but they must be balanced perfectly to produce a truly amazing treat.

    Some confectioners also use cream or flour. The mixture is heated and stirred until the sugar caramelizes. While it is being mixed, almonds or other nuts can be added for additional flavor or texture.

    The chef will continue to heat it until it reaches a desired consistency that is glossy and holds its shape. The texture and hardness of the final product depends on the temperature and the recipe. Some toffee is brittle and crunchy while some is chewier. 


    Our Signature Toffee Collection


    A Wide World of Styles

    Did you know that if you order toffee in different countries you might be surprised by what you get?

    Most toffee lovers are English speakers, reflecting the confection's roots. In the United Kingdom, where the treat most likely developed, many people enjoy the honeycomb English style. It has bubbles of air in it, created by adding vinegar and baking soda during the mixing process.

    Other variations are also popular in Australia, New Zealand and Canada. In the U.S., the most common treat is harder, denser, & covered in chocolate. Toffee-covered apples are also a big hit in the U.S. at fairs and festivals during the summer and fall months.

    Confectioners everywhere also like to experiment with various mix-ins, toppings, shapes and accompaniments. Coffee, different types of nuts, lemon, vanilla and even seafood can be combined with it. As interesting as these variations are, it’s hard to beat the classic American version: basic crunchy with chocolate and almonds.


    Order Mouth Watering Toffee TodayThe Best Ways to Enjoy Sucré Chocolate Almond Toffee

    It’s difficult to resist simply grabbing a piece of our fresh Chocolate Almond Toffee out of its exquisite packaging and just eating it as it is. But have you considered some additional ways you can enjoy it:

    With coffee. We offer a specialty blended coffee that pairs perfectly with chocolate desserts.  

    Broken and mixed into vanilla ice cream.  

    Broken and sprinkled as a topping on pastries or cakes.  

    With wine. Chocolate almond flavor pairs well with several types of wine, depending on your tastes. Buttery wines like Meursault, Hungarian Tokaji and Mas Amiel Blanc accent the buttery flavor of the toffee. Nutty wines like dry Oloroso Sherry and Tawny Port enhance the almonds. Chocolate pairings like young Madeira and Mas Amiel Rouge also work well. Or try a sweet dessert wine like Sauternes.

    Order Yours Today!

     If you’re in the mood to try some of the world’s best chocolate almond toffee, let Sucré treat you to its delectable crunchy butter almond creation, enrobed in dark chocolate and adorned with delicate roasted almond slivers.

    You can order toffee alone or in a beautiful gift box with our other irresistible confections. It works perfectly as a gift, at parties or a treat you can enjoy all to yourself.

    Based in the heart of New Orleans, Sucré is recognized all over the world for its sweet gourmet treats. Founded in 2007, we have been constantly featured in national publications such as Saveur, Paula Deen's Best Desserts, Oprah's O Magazine, Newsweek and more. We are proud to offer the definitive dessert and confection experience, and we ship our chocolate almond toffee almost anywhere in the U.S., so you can savor these signature flavors no matter where you're located. Enjoy!


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