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    Handcrafted Marshmallow

    Handmade Delicious Sucre MarshmallowFluffy marshmallows are an American comfort food tradition.

    When many people think of marshmallows, they imagine sitting around a campfire, roasting these heavenly treats until they are a sweet and sticky mess, joining them with graham crackers and chocolate for mouthwatering s’mores. There’s hardly a better way to enjoy a summer night.

    Or, maybe you think of a warm cup of hot cocoa with a puffy marshmallow on top, melting into the chocolate until you can drink it swirled into the rich taste of chocolate. It will warm up anyone on even the coldest days.

    Don’t you love the way a warm marshmallow melts in your mouth?
    Are you ever disappointed at the staleness of a store-bought marshmallow?
    Do you crave the freshness of homemade marshmallows, but can't get it quite right?

    If you haven't tried a professionally handmade marshmallow, then you don't know what you're missing!

    You don’t have to warm these delicious creations to taste heaven in your mouth. Unlike the stale, chewy store-brand marshmallows that need to be warmed for a taste that's only mediocre, our marshmallow melts in your mouth straight out of the package.

    What’s the difference? Sucré's fluffy Tahitian marshmallow creations are expertly crafted – by hand – with only the best ingredients and a recipe that has been perfected by Chef Tariq Hanna – a master confectioner.

    How We Craft the Perfect MarshmallowWoman Enjoying Sucre Marshmallows

    It's no secret… real marshmallows aren’t created by machines or amateurs.

    Our Executive Chef Tariq Hanna, recently named one of the nation's top 10 pasty chefs, has crafted a confection that is perfect in texture and flavor – unlike anything you'd ever find in stores.

    Here’s what happens in the Sucré kitchen:

    First, we heat sugar syrup to precisely 245 degrees Fahrenheit. Syrup that isn’t at exactly the right temperature results in a poor consistency.
    A gelatin mixture is added to the syrup and stirred in.
    We whip egg whites into the syrup and gelatin mixture. Egg whites are essential because they create a lighter, delicate texture. This is one of the reasons why our marshmallow melts in your mouth from the very first bite – no campfire needed.
    We add real flavoring like our traditional Tahitian vanilla.
    The mixture is whipped until cool. Insufficient whipping results in a poor texture in the final product.
    They're set by dropping them into trays, forming their unique kiss-like shape.

    The Sucré touch – marshmallows that sparkle!

    Last but not least, we sprinkle the marshmallow in glittery sugar. This gives the marshmallow a distinctive, delectable appearance unlike any other you've seen before – they sparkle!

    Each season, we also change the colors, giving them a new, exciting look year-round.

    How is the handmade process different from producing marshmallows commercially?

    A typical store-bought marshmallow is mostly created by automated machinery. They are made with the same base of corn syrup and gelatin, but they notably do not contain egg whites. Flavor enhancements are usually artificial. Instead of being set by hand, the marshmallows are cooled in long tubes and then mechanically cut into the familiar cylinder shapes.

    Commercial marshmallows are thus firmer, and have a noticeably stale taste. .


    Try Our Marshmallow With Drinking ChocolateReal, High-Quality Tahitian Vanilla Extract

    Marshmallows are traditionally flavored with vanilla. Unlike store-bought brands that use artificial vanilla flavoring, Sucré makes use of the finest vanilla extract from a blend of Tahitian vanilla beans.

    Real vanilla extract may be widely available for retail – but not all real vanilla extract is the same quality! The FDA doesn’t regulate the quality of the beans used in extract. Most of the vanilla extract you’ll find on the shelf at big box stores is cheap, because it’s made with cheap beans. The difference in flavor between vanilla extract made with high-quality beans and low-quality beans is very significant.

    What’s so special about our Tahitian vanilla? Tahitian vanilla is widely upheld by pastry chefs around the world as the best flavoring to use in gourmet desserts. Tahitian vanilla beans are dark, thick and produce a complex floral aroma with a subtle fruit flavor. And our extract comes from only the best beans.

    Our marshmallows taste better than anything else you can find in grocery stores because the vanilla we use is the finest available. You will taste the difference immediately.

    Indulge, Enjoy and Give

    A handmade marshmallow from Sucré is a truly special treat. They'll arrive at your door in exquisite packaging, just waiting to be devoured. Unless you're giving them as a gift, we recommend you try them straight out of the package so you can enjoy their full freshness, unique flavor and texture. Vanilla is our classic flavor, but you may also enjoy other seasonal varieties when they’re available.

    Another savory way to enjoy a Sucré marshmallow is in a hot beverage like hot cocoa, tea or coffee. For this reason, we also offer unique packages paired with our gourmet drinking chocolate. Marshmallows and pure Venezuelan bittersweet chocolate make an excellent pairing that simply cannot be replicated.

    Handmade marshmallows also pair well with other confections like our special macarons. The lightness of the marshmallows complements the complex flavors and textures of the other delicacies.

    Order Your Sucre Marshmallows Today!Order Yours Now!

    Is your mouth watering yet? You truly haven’t experienced real comfort food until you try a fluffy handmade marshmallow from Sucré.

    Throughout the year, we change the look of our marshmallows, so be sure to check back often for our exciting new colors.

    Savor them alone, or try them in a package with macarons or drinking chocolate for a truly heavenly experience. Our high-end packaging makes them a perfect gift for any occasion – birthdays, holidays and much more.

    Your friends, family or coworkers will love not only the taste, but also the special benefit of having come from Sucré, where nationally recognized confectioners have carefully crafted these treats by hand. Based in New Orleans since 2007, Sucré offers the definitive dessert and confection experience. Our Sweet Boutiques have quickly become a cherished local landmark in The Crescent City, while the treats themselves have gained wide recognition in magazines like Newsweek, Saveur, Paula Deen's Best Desserts, Oprah's O Magazine, and dozens more.

    See for yourself what these food critics and New Orleans residents already know – there's nothing like a gourmet handmade marshmallow from Sucré.


    Shop now to taste the difference of a Sucré handmade marshmallow.