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    Handcrafted King Cake - Kings Cake

    King Cake, A New Orleans TraditionKing Cakes, sold each year from Kings' Day, January 6, to Mardi Gras Day – are a unique tradition in New Orleans, a city that embraces unique tradition.

    It’s hard to speak of New Orleans without mentioning Mardi Gras and the Carnival season leading up to it. And every New Orleanian knows that you can’t truly experience Mardi Gras until you've savored a King Cake.

    The king cake is enjoyed in many forms all over the world, but nothing compares to this authentic treat straight out of New Orleans. It’s a sweet, glazed cinnamon pastry designed in beautiful purple, green and gold tones – the official colors of Mardi Gras – best shared with friends and loved ones. Anyone who has spent any time in this great city will tell you, you just can’t get the real thing anywhere else.

    Do you want to enjoy your own authentic Mardi Gras celebration, but you're too far from New Orleans?

    Then bring New Orleans to you, wherever you are, with a delicious Sucré King Cake!

    A Treat Fit for Kings

    A king cake is the ultimate New Orleans treat. Traditionally, it’s a cinnamon pastry twisted into a ring, often containing a sweet filling of cream cheese, praline or fruit. Most are covered with icing, sugar, and of course the festive colors representing royalty, loyalty and truth.

     These pastries are simple and delicious – but any true New Orleanian will tell you that in order to truly celebrate the Carnival season, you need a king cake that is crafted with expertise.

    New Orleans’ Best King CakeOur Chef's Made Every King Cake By Hand

    Our Executive Chef Tariq Hanna embraced this New Orleans tradition when he settled in The Crescent City. He carefully studied what locals loved about the kings cake, after months of research, he created his own take on this centuries-old tradition. Along the way, he has been named one of the top 10 pastry chefs in the U.S., and the New Orleans Times Picayune proclaimed our king cake a 2012 favorite, calling it “the city’s first 21st-century king cake, “becoming an instant favorite with locals.

    The Sucré King Cake combines a cherished tradition with modern culinary sensibilities. You will not find  anything like it in New Orleans or elsewhere.

    We craft a handmade Danish dough with a sweet cream cheese filling. After it’s baked to perfection, it’s covered with a light sugar glaze and glitter. Our kings cake has a unique look that is still unmistakably Mardi Gras. The light buttery pastry, combined with the sweetness of the filling, cinnamon and sugar, creates a heavenly tasting experience.

    Whether you're new to the king cake, or a long-time New Orleans resident, you will love every bite of this one-of-a-kind cake.


    Making Headlines Across the Country

    Don’t just take our word for it. Simply look to local and national food critics, who have been raving about our version of this sweet New Orleans treat.

    Over the past few years, our king cake has been judged against the best in the region, and Sucré has come out on top every time. Here are just a few accolades and recognitions we've received:

    In 2011, the Washington Post hosted a blind taste test for some of the best king cakes in New Orleans. The winner: Sucré. “Sure enough, the combination of whipped cream cheese filling and buttery, yeasted bread wowed our testers,” said the Washington Post review.
    The Times Picayune, a newspaper in New Orleans, proclaimed Sucré a 2012 favorite, calling it “the city’s first 21st-century king cake.”
    Saveur magazine prominently featured our king cake in 2011 as a distinctive New Orleans favorite.


    Preparing A King Cake At SucreA Quick King Cake History

    Curious how the colorful king cake first came to fruition?

    The history behind the New Orleans tradition actually dates back to 16th century France during Carnival season. Carnival season starts on Twelfth Night – also called King’s Day – and ends with Mardi Gras. Twelfth Night is traditionally the last night of the Christmas celebration and can fall on January 5th or 6th. Today in New Orleans, most people celebrate it on the 6th.

    The cake derives its name from the meaning of Kings' Day – which in Christian tradition is the day that the three kings arrived in Bethlehem to visit the baby Jesus . French peasants would share the cake at a Carnival season party. Hidden inside the cake was a bean. Whichever guest found the bean in his piece of cake would be crowned “king” of the party. It was believed that this king would be blessed with new life and good luck in the following year.

    French colonists brought this tradition to Louisiana where it evolved with the rest of the modern Mardi Gras celebration.


    Modern Day Variations and New Party Traditions

    New Orleanians love a good king cake, and will take every opportunity to partake – at parties, at the office, at parades, everywhere! Since they are only available for such a short period, these cakes are highly sought after during that time. Today, instead of looking for a bean, you’ll be searching for a small plastic baby trinket, which can be found under or in the kings cake.

    If you find the baby, you’ll be crowned king – or queen – for the day. This not only ensures your fortune for a year, it also sometimes means you'll receive certain privileges. For example, if the cake is eaten at work, your coworkers might have to treat you to lunch.

    In some traditions, being crowned king or queen also comes with responsibilities. It means it's your turn to buy the next cake!


    Mardi Gras King CakeOrder Yours in Time for Mardi Gras

    We only make our king cake during Carnival season – but you can get a head start.

    You can pre-order your Sucré King Cake starting in October of each year, so you can be sure you'll be covered once the Mardi Gras season commences.

    Go ahead and throw your own unforgettable Mardi Gras party, wherever you live in the United States! Just be sure that whoever gets the baby knows where to order their own authentic, delicious cake... right here at Sucré.



    Shop now to start planning for Mardi Gras with your own Sucré King Cake!