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    Irresistible Macaroons

    Macaroons Up CloseMacaroons come in a variety of different styles and delicious flavors. But depending on where you're from, the word “macaroon” may mean something completely different to you than it does to someone else.

    Because of the different styles available, it's important to carefully check with a baker to determine exactly what you're getting:

     ➤ French-style are very different from coconut macaroons.
     Some bakers only specialize in one style or flavor.
     If you're buying macaroons  or macarons as a gift, make sure you know which style the recipient prefers.
     An experienced pastry chef or baker should be able to explain the differences of each style and make both.

    If you're from North America or the U.K., you're probably most familiar with the coconut recipe – a yummy, chewy ball of shredded coconut, lightly sweetened with sugar and formed by egg whites.

    But , another popular type is  the French-style macaroons  – or  macarons – which is another treat altogether. This mouthwatering confection is a made from meringue-like cookies, which are often spectacularly colored and filled with various creams or jams sandwiched in the middle.

    The style you choose all depends on your individual tastes. Just make sure you know which kind you're buying, especially if you're ordering by phone and don't have any pictures or samples to look at.

    Young Girl Enjoying Macaroons In Paris


    A Quick History of Macaroons

    There is a lot of debate about its exact origin, although many histories believe this confection can be traced back to Italian monasteries.

    The word itself is derived from the French macaron, which is derived from the Italian words maccarone or maccherone.

    According to some accounts, the first macaroons were mostly made of ground almonds forming a small cake, quite similar to Italian amaretti.

    The treat became popular among Jewish Italians, because it had no flour or leavening, and therefore could be eaten during Passover. Over time, coconut was added to the recipe for additional flavor and texture.

    The treats were further refined by the French, but were largely just cookies (no fillings or special flavors) until the 1900s, when Paris-based pastry shop Ladurée became the first to sandwich two together with ganache in the middle.

    Today, these treats are enjoyed all over the world in various styles, although the coconut-style is most prevalent in the United States and United Kingdom.


    Heavenly Macaroon Flavors

    Heavenly Flavors for Every Craving

    At Sucré, our gluten-free macaroons are our most popular item! Made in the French style, they feature a crisp cookie exterior and a slightly chewy center, filled with luscious cream or ganache.

    Our assorted boxes include a variety of delicious flavors, such as:Everyone Has A Favorite...Macaroons From Sucre


    Throughout the year, we also introduce many seasonal flavors, which have previously included:

    Double dark chocolate
    White chocolate lavender
    Candy cane
    Nectar cream
    Peaches n' cream
    Bananas foster
    And many others

    Just how delicious are they? Our double-dark style, for example, is made from extra-dark chocolate, coated in caramelized nibs and filled with single bean Venezuelan chocolate mousseline. Absolute ecstasy in every bite.

    The Perfect Gift

    With so many different styles available, these confectionary delicacies make the perfect gift for any occasion.

    Every assortment we offer comes in exquisite packaging, giving the gift an extra-special touch that the recipient will love. We have a complete wedding gift box for your favorite bride and groom, plus many other collections for nearly any special event: valentine's day, birthdays, mother's day, or “just because.”

    And since they're are gluten-free, they also make great gifts for those with special dietary concerns.

    But What About Coconut?

    Still looking for coconut? We understand – we love coconut, too!

    While many people are familiar only with their family tradition of eating coconut macaroons, we think you'll love the French macarons at Sucré. If you haven't tried this style before, you're in for a treat.

    But if you're still craving coconut, we offer a number of different luxury confections you may also enjoy:

    - Coconut & toasted almond chocolate bar: 65% single bean dark chocolate bar sprinkled with sweetened coconut flakes and toasted almond slivers
    - Lemon & coconut loaf: Homestyle butter cake flavored with a house-made lemon curd and finished with sweet island coconut

    Please note that some of these items may only be available during select times of the year. Check our website to see all our current offerings, or simply contact us if you have any questions.


    Sucre's World Famous MacaroonsTreat Yourself Today!!!

    At Sucré, our gluten-free macaroons have gained recognition all over the world, and they're constantly being featured in many national culinary publications.

       O , The Oprah Magazine called them “almost too pretty to eat.”
       In Best Desserts magazine, Paula Deen said, “My sweet tooth always gets the best of me, but at Sucré, it's well worth every calorie in each delicious bite!"

    Sucré has two boutiques and a confection studio in New Orleans, but our creations can be ordered online and delivered all over the U.S.

    Our head pastry chef, Tariq Hanna, was recently recognized as one of the top 10 pastry chefs in the nation. And our teams put their hearts and souls into making delectable treats that you'll be excited to tell others about.



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