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    Gourmet Chocolate

    Order Your Gourmet Chocolate From SucreIndulge in the luxury of delicious, gluten-free sweets from Sucré

    Gourmet chocolate lovers know: when chocolate is crafted with fresh, premium ingredients and the careful attention of master chocolatiers, the results are incomparable.

    Store-bought and amateur-made chocolates simply do not have the rich flavors, textures, or artisan designs of gourmet indulgences. Those cheap boxes of chocolate might make a mediocre snack, but if you want to experience the full delicious potential of chocolate, or share it with someone as a special gift, then Sucré gourmet chocolate is the only way to go.

    From assorted gourmet chocolates and artisan bars to extra dark drinking  chocolate and nut-filled chocolate bark, Sucré offers an extensive range of luxury treats to satisfy every craving.

    Up Close Picture Of Our Gourmet Chocolate


    What makes Sucré gourmet chocolate so special?

    - Best ingredients
    We take pride in crafting our products with only the finest ingredients from around the world. Take our popular Sucré Dark, for example. This rich, luxurious treat is made from a bittersweet 65% swiss chocolate of single-bean origin Venezuelan chocolate, blended with cream. You only need one bite to taste the exceptional quality and unique flavor of these ingredients, which we carefully choose for every single item we make.

    - Skilled chocolatiers
    Gourmet chocolate is only as good as the chef who makes it. That's why Sucré staffs some of the best in the world. Our skilled chocolate makers and pastry chefs have extensive experience producing luxury confections, and it shows in every product we create! In fact, our Executive Chef Tariq Hanna was recently named one of the top ten pastry chefs in the nation.

    - Attention to detail
    The best gourmet chocolate is never made by big industrial machines. At Sucré, all of our chocolates are made in small batches and handled carefully by our skilled staff from start to finish. This hands-on process and exceptional attention to detail allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality in everything we make.

    - Exquisite packaging
    The one-of-a-kind experience of enjoying Sucré gourmet chocolate starts even before you take the first bite. We put extra attention and care into placing everything we make into distinctive, Sucré signature packaging. This not only creates an elegant backdrop for your chocolate, but also makes it a great gift for others. Whether you're treating yourself or someone else, this exquisite packaging makes it even more obvious that these treats are truly special.


    Taste the luxury

    Ready to sample the luxurious taste of Sucré gourmet chocolate? Let us be your guide to the many different styles and flavors we offer.

    Here are just a few of our bestselling creations, which you can have delivered right to your doorstep, almost anywhere in the United States:

    Assorted Gourmet Chocolate
    Not your ordinary box of chocolates, these mouthwatering collections are packed with delicious flavors that are traditional favorites throughout the world and in the South, where our boutiques are based.

    This is only a tiny sampling of our most popular gluten-free styles:

    Madagascar 64: 64% chocolate ganache, vanilla, dark chocolate & cocoa nibs.
    Bolivian: Bittersweet Bolivian chocolate in a dark chocolate shell.
    Wedding cake: A toasted almond white chocolate ganache in a white chocolate deco swirl.
    Avery: Caramel milk chocolate ganache in dark chocolate topped with salt.
    Sicilian Pistachio: Sicilian pistachio & white chocolate ganache in dark chocolate.
    Hazelnut cream: semisweet ganache with ground piedmontese hazelnuts.
    Magnolia: Pecan ganache in dark chocolate & candied pecans.
    Blangé: A white chocolate ganache blended with bananas and rum encased in white chocolate.
    Crème Bruleè: Velvety vanilla custard ganache finished with caramelized sugar.   

    Woman Enjoying Her Sucer Gourmet Chocolate

    Handmade Artisan Chocolate Bars
    If you're looking for an alternative to boxed chocolates, then you should absolutely try our delicious gluten-free chocolate bars, made by hand and adorned with irresistible toppings like toasted almonds and coconuts.

    Here are just a few styles we offer:

    Sicilian Pistachio Gourmet ChocolateSucré 65: Exceptional bittersweet chocolate from the rarest Venezuelan cocoa bean.
    Candied Violet: 65% single bean dark chocolate topped with elegant candied violets.
    Coconut & Toasted Almond: 65% single bean dark chocolate sprinkled with sweetened coconut flakes and toasted almost slivers.
    Strawberry Amaretti Crunch White Chocolate Bar: A delicious white chocolate bar made with air dried strawberries, crushed Amaretti cookies and caramelized cocoa nibs.  

    So Much MoreStrawberry Amaretti Crunch Gourmet Chocolate
    Our irresistible treats extend far beyond our assorted chocolates and bars. Browse our site to find lots more unique gourmet chocolate gifts, including our crunchy chocolate almond toffee, dark chocolate caramel cookies, extra dark drinking chocolate, French-style chocolate ganache-filled macarons, and more.

    Led by world-renowned pasty chef Tariq Hanna, Sucré and its gourmet treats have been featured in dozens of national publications, including Saveur, Newsweek, Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine, Paula Deen's Best Desserts, The Washington Post, and Southern Living, just to name a few. Founded in 2007, we have become known for offering the definitive dessert and confection experience!

    If you're shopping for someone else, be sure to check out our many gift collections, featuring an assortment of our most sought-after treats, all in one must-have package. Sucré luxury confections make the perfect gift for loved ones, clients, employees, or any chocolate lover.

    Indulge yourself or share with others – there's something for everyone at Sucré, and you won't find these luxury creations anywhere else.


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