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    Handcrafted French Macaroons

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    The Finest of French Confections

    Light, sweet little French macarons. Have you ever tried them? If not, you’re missing out on some of the best French gourmet desserts available. 

    Few sweet treats represent exquisite French culture and taste compared to macaroons. These delicate, sweet pastries melt in your mouth, plus, they're a New Orleans favorite, reflecting the city’s rich cultural history. And nobody does them better than New Orleans’ own world-renowned confectioner, Sucré.

    French macarons shouldn’t be confused with other types of desserts like coconut macaroons, which are a different type of pastry entirely. In fact, the correct French spelling for the treat is “macaron,” which is the spelling we use here at Sucré. However, since the pronunciation is similar, “macaroon” is commonly accepted as a legitimate spelling in the U.S.

    French Macarons – What Exactly Are They?

    The closest thing to these French macarons that you can find in an American bakery are whoopie pies, though arguably they pale in comparison. Whoopie pies consist of a sweet filling sandwiched between two cookies. However, macarons are generally smaller, lighter and more delicate than their American cousins. And any dessert connoisseur will tell you that macarons simply taste better too.

    At Sucré, our award-winning Executive Chef Tariq Hanna has perfected the art of making these French-style macarons. Not only are they made in a variety of mouth-watering flavors, but they are beautiful to behold. Oprah Winfrey herself stated that they are “almost too pretty to eat” in O Magazine.

    How Are They Made?

    At Sucré our philosophy is to use only the finest, freshest ingredients, which are prepared by our expert staff. To make our signature glossy cookies, we whip together fresh cane sugar with egg whites to make a smooth meringue and then add specialty flour and powdered sugar. You might be surprised to know that all of our macarons are made with gluten-free ingredients! Once it’s mixed, we pipe the meringue onto sheets in the shape of small discs and bake them into perfect little cookies.

    We Have Plenty Of Delicious French Macaroon Flavors

    - The fun part of macarons is the filling, called mousseline. 

    The key ingredient in our mousseline is buttercream. We only use Louisiana’s finest and freshest butter and other ingredients for a delectable flavor that can’t be rivaled. After the fillings are prepared, we pipe them onto the meringue cookies and create the signature French dessert sandwiches.

    Where to Get the Best French Macarons

    To truly enjoy macarons, you have to have the best. Look no further than Sucré. Executive Chef Tariq Hannah is ranked as one of the top ten pastry chefs in America in Dessert Professional Magazine. His signature French-style macarons have been recognized in national publications like Saveur, Paula Deen’s Best Desserts and Newsweek

    - So many flavors and styles

    Our colorful varieties include pecan, chocolate, salted caramel, almond, pistachio, strawberry, hazelnut, chicory and bananas foster. Don’t know which to try? Don’t worry – we offer several packages that feature them all! We also offer unique chocolate-covered French macarons filled with milk chocolate caramel ganache. You simply can’t find these anywhere else.

    You don’t have to be in New Orleans to enjoy the finest French macarons!

    Visit ShopeSucre.com and find the perfect package to order for yourself or as a gift.