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    Chocolate Gift Ideas

    Sucre's Beautiful Chocolate Gift PackagingYour guide to gourmet treats from Sucré – always the perfect gift.

    For decades, chocolate gift boxes have been a go-to gift for romance, birthdays, holidays and other special occasions. But if you want to give something truly special, then it's time to start thinking outside “the box.”

    ➜ Are you searching for something different than standard store-bought treats?

    ➜ Struggling to find a unique chocolate gift for someone who deserves something special?

    ➜ Do you want to give a chocolate gift that is as special as the recipient?

    Stray from the ordinary and discover the many gourmet chocolate gift creations from Sucré.

    World-renowned for its irresistible chocolate gifts, rich French macarons, and many other delicious, gluten-free indulgences, Sucré offers a wide assortment of sweet treats for every occasion. 

    Our gourmet chocolate gifts have been carefully perfected by our own our Executive Chef Tariq Hanna, who was recently named one of the top ten pastry chefs in the nation. Since 2007, when Sucré was founded in the heart of New Orleans, our wide assortment of treats have gained praise in several national publications, including Saveur, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Oprah's O Magazine, Paula Deen's Best Desserts and many others.New Orleans Chocolate Gift Collection

    All Sucré chocolate gifts are handmade in the United States, right here in the heart of New Orleans. New Orleans is already known for its outstanding cuisine. We are proud to contribute to that distinction with our gourmet treats, and now, people all over the country can enjoy The Crescent City's best sweets, no matter where they live!

    Find the Perfect Chocolate Gift 

    The master chocolatiers and pastry chefs at Sucré have gone to great lengths to ensure that our treats satisfy any craving. No matter who you're shopping for – loved one, friend, relative, coworker, boss, or employee – we offer something for everyone.

    Need some ideas? Here are just a few of our most popular chocolate gift options:

    Chocolate Covered Macarons

     Our gluten-free macarons have been nationally recognized for their moist, delectable texture and innovative flavors. This collection is no exception! These macarons are delicately filled with milk chocolate caramel ganache, coated in dark chocolate and topped with gold leaf. An extraordinary chocolate gift you won't find anywhere else.

    ➤ Tip: Try some variety. Our Signature Macaron Collection contains several of our other flavors in one exquisite package, including chocolate, pecan, salted caramel, almond, pistachio, strawberry, hazelnut, and bananas foster.

    Woman Enjoying Her Chocolate Gift

    Dark Chocolate Lovers Collection

    The classic chocolate gift, this gourmet, gluten-free collection comes in boxes of 15, 21 or 32 pieces, and includes our 3 rich dark chocolates: 

    ➤ “Madagascar 64” with 64% chocolate ganache, vanilla, dark chocolate & cocoa nibs

    ➤ “Sucré Dark” for our signature palet, single bean original from Venezuela

    ➤  The “Bolivian” with bittersweet Bolivian chocolate in a dark chocolate shell.


    New Orleans Collection

    Give your loved one a taste of New Orleans' most delicious flavors with this irresistible chocolate gift! Our most popular collection, this set is a celebration of New Orleans that includes 5 different delicious styles of chocolates:

    ➤ Chicory: New Orleans' favorite coffee folded into dark chocolate ganache encased in dark chocolate.

    NOLA and Macaroon Chocolate Gift

    ➤ Magnolia: Pecan ganache in dark chocolate & candied pecans.

    ➤ Meunière: Brown butter folded into white chocolate ganache encased in a fleur de lis of dark chocolate.

    ➤ Blangé: A white chocolate ganache blended with bananas and rum encased in white chocolate.

    ➤ Avery: Caramel milk chocolate ganache in dark chocolate topped with salt.

    The Man Collection

    A great gift for guys, this collection includes our most masculine confections, sweet enough for a man. The package includes our Pretzel and Nibs and Brittle Chocolate Bars, Southern Candied Pecans roasted and glazed to perfection, decadent Extra Dark Drinking Chocolate, and addictive rich Dark Chocolate Caramel Cookies. 

    The 7 Bar Bundle

    A truly unique and special chocolate gift, this collection features seven of our artisan chocolate bars hand tied together with a brown grosgrain ribbon: Pistachio & Rose, Nibs & Brittle, Sucré 65, Candied Violet, Coconut & Toasted Almond, Salted Pretzel and Strawberry Amaretti Crunch.

    Drinking Chocolates & Marshmallows

    Know someone who loves hot chocolate? Make their day with this irresistible collection, which combines our two amazing drinking chocolates – extra dark and peppermint – made from our exclusive Venezuelan bittersweet chocolate, plus our fluffy handmade vanilla marshmallows. 

    Wedding Gift Box

    Treat the newlyweds to a chocolate gift set they'll never forget. Packed with a wide assortment of Sucré chocolates and many other favorites, this impressive collection comes in a beautifully packaged arrangement that the bride and groom are sure to love.

    Corporate Branding, Chocolate Collections

    Show your clients or employees you truly care with gourmet chocolate gifts! This customizable collection lets you give our best chocolates in an exquisite package that can be personalized with logo cards, wraps or hang tags. Please inquire for minimum orders.

    The Man CollectionSpecial Occasions or “Just Because”

    Who says your chocolate gift has to be for special occasions? Once you browse the many different items available at Sucré – the list above is only the beginning – you'll want to give these treats just to see the smile on someone's face.

    Sucré confections are a great way to say “thanks,” “congratulations,” “get well,” or simply, “I love you.” We put extra-special care into everything we make – not only the treats, but also the packaging and appearance, too. From the moment our gifts are opened to the very last bite, enjoying Sucré chocolates is designed to be a memorable experience.

    Plus, many of our luxury treats are gluten-free! This makes them the perfect gift for those with special dietary restrictions. We use only the best, freshest ingredients, and gourmet recipes that have been perfected by master chefs. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind gift that will be absolutely cherished. 


    Shop now to find the perfect chocolate gift.