New Additions to Sucré’s Menu: Strawberry Fest and Easter

Strawberry Fest: The All-New Strawberry Macaron

At Sucré, we are dedicated to constant improvement and understand that the road to perfection is a never-ending one. We aim to deliver the most delicious treats to our loyal customers, and with Strawberry Fest in mind, what better time to give our classic favorite Strawberry Macaron a sprucing up?

First off, what is Strawberry Fest? From March through May, Ponchatoula strawberries, (the tastiest of strawberries, in our humble opinion) come into season. Part of Sucré’s mission is to serve decadent desserts centered around fresh local ingredients. The plump, juicy, sweet Ponchatoula Strawberry is a Louisiana delicacy – it’s the state fruit! – and Ponchatoula has earned the title of “Strawberry Capital of the World.” To celebrate this local staple, Sucré offers a variety of strawberry-themed entremets, from a fairly traditional Strawberry Mascarpone Éclair to an exciting and refreshing Strawberry Lychee Berry Verrine. There’s a strawberry treat for everyone!

This year, the Strawberry Macaron got a makeover, and she’s tastier than ever. Oprah called Sucré’s Strawberry Macaron “almost too pretty to eat” in O Magazine, and she couldn’t have said it better! We’ve made a few changes to what we call our “Southern Belle” of macarons.

Prior to this year’s Stawberry Fest, Sucré’s Strawberry macarons were filled with a buttercream mousseline mixed with homemade Ponchatoula strawberry preserves. Chef Tariq Hanna, always the perfectionist, has diligently worked to introduce a sweet cocktail of fillings that perfectly compliment and enhance the Ponchatoula strawberry’s deliciousness, and of course, he added a little glitter to the mix! The new and improved sparkly pink shells are filled with a swirl of white chocolate, strawberry ganache, and a center of fresh strawberry jam. Sounds delicious? Trust us, it is!strawberry collection

As we bid farewell to the beloved “old” Strawberry Macaron, we embrace new traditions and always look toward celebrating classic favorites in exciting and different ways. Our chefs are always on the lookout for interesting new recipes to push the boundaries, so stay tuned for more innovative sweet treats from Sucré!Strawberry_Entrement

Easter: The All-New Easter Macaron Collection

At Sucré, we like to change things up and offer seasonal collections available at different times of the year. Our chefs create macarons specifically for many of holidays we celebrate, and these range from Christmas to Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate than with a limited edition macaron? They make great gifts that are best enjoyed with friends and family. This Easter, we’ve come up with two new Easter Macarons to add to our Easter Macaron Collection!
To accompany the crowd-pleasing Carrot Cake Macaron (gluten free carrot cake blended into a cream cheese buttercream), our chefs have come up with a Coconut Pineapple Macaron as well as a Meyer Lemon Macaron. We think you’ll like these new additions!

The Coconut Pineapple Macaron comes in an appropriately brilliant shade of blue. It is a creamy coconut ganache filled with pineapple marmalade. These 2 flavors are paired perfectly together for a macaron that is guaranteed to be one of your favorites.

The Meyer Lemon Macaron is a tart lemon ganache surrounding a center of Meyer lemon curd. It’s quite the treat for lemon lovers! It comes in an inviting yellow hue and tops off this pastel-covered collection perfectly.

Lemon curd, pineapple marmalade, and cream cheese buttercream make for a complete family of fillings available in our Easter Collection. All of these Macarons have a strong personality that shine on their own. Together, they are simply irresistible. Their vibrant colors make for a gorgeous collection perfect for Easter! These are only available until Easter, so get your hands on them while you can!

Our Macarons are Gluten Free!

At Sucré, we pride ourselves on the quality of each and every one of our products. We make it a point to use the absolute freshest ingredients available, which is exactly what makes our treats so delicious! When you love and eat desserts as much as we do, it’s important to make sure you’re using the best ingredients. This is especially true when it comes to macarons. Our signature macarons are made from meringue-like cookies with luscious mousseline sandwiched in the middle, and come in spectacular colors. In fact, all but one of our macarons are gluten free.deen1

With macarons, the texture, the flavors, the filling, the freshness and the quality of the ingredients – all these elements play a vital role in the deliciousness of a macaron. All it takes is one small misstep to ruin the finished product. When a chef cuts corners, you can taste the shortcomings in every bite. At our confectionary, Chef Tariq Hanna’s skilled teams make these mouthwatering treats by hand – not by machine – to ensure the same exceptional quality in every batch. This is how we consistently achieve the perfect balance of crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Our festive Sucré macaron trays are custom made to ensure that our macarons stay perfectly intact! With this much tender loving care involved, it’s finally possible to indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt!

Here’s a list of all our gluten free macarons:

Signature Macarons – These are available all year round!


–       Strawberry Macaron

–       Almond Macaron

–       Hazelnut Macaron

–       Pistachio Macaron

–       Salted Caramel Macaron

–       Chocolate Macaron

–       Bananas Foster Macaron

–       Pecan Macaron

–       Chicory Macaron

–       Chocolate Covered Macaron

Seasonal Macarons – Available as they come into season. Keep a look out for these!

–       Mardi Gras Macaron – Filled with King Cake inspired buttercream

–       Valentines Macaron –Filled with white chocolate ganache and raspberry jam

–       Easter Macaron – Carrot Cake Macaron filled cream cheese buttercream blended with carrot cake

–       Mother’s Day Macaron – White Chocolate Lavender Macaron filled with white chocolate lavender ganache

–       Summer Macarons – Blackberry Lemon Macaron filled with lemon ganache and blackberry jam, Peaches & Cream Macaron filled with peach ganache and peach jam

–       Fall Macarons– Peanut Butter & Jam Macaron filled with peanut butter ganache and strawberry jam

–       Holiday Macarons – Double Dark Chocolate Macaron filled with chocolate mousseline finished with a dark chocolate drizzle, Peppermint Macaron filled with peppermint buttercreammacz



Love, Sucre

This Valentine’s Day, there is no sweeter gift than the gift of Sucré. With gift options from romantic macarons to luscious chocolates paired perfectly with some bubbly and packaged beautifully in Sucré’s signature sweet boxes, this is the sweetest way to say I love you!Vday Sucre

Our Sweetheart Macaron Collection (available only during Valentine’s season!) is handmade with love from flavors inspired by the most romantic city in the world, Paris, which is also the homeland of macarons. These gorgeous red and white macarons are filled with the perfect pairing of white chocolate and raspberry mousseline that make for the sweetest treat! Yum!

Sucré’s For the Love of Chocolate collection (also only available during Valentine’s season) combines our richest collection of chocolate hearts. Sweet Red Raspberry, Paris Tea, and Malted Mail chocolates will steal anyone’s heart.Vday Chocs

These valentine’s delicacies, along with any of Sucré’s classic treats, are available in romantic boxes and can be purchased with your choice of champagne or wine. This romantic dessert and wine pairing will complete any sweetheart’s day.

If you wanted to indulge in the very sweetest of treats, step inside a Sucré store and experience the magic! Nothing beats sharing a sweet dessert, presented on our gorgeous trays, cozied up in our sweet boutique. Sucré stores are BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze). We even have glasses so you can toast your way into the sweetest day of the year! Sucré’s treats are undeniably sweet inside and out and can turn even the most sour of hearts. Leave it to us, and you can guarantee your Valentine’s Day will be ever so sweet!Vday Gift set

PS: Feeling sweet? If your sweetheart is miles away, nothing is sweeter than a beautiful Sucré Valentine’s package at your doorstep! We send Valentine’s love all over the country.

Add a Little Sucré to Your Wedding!

At Sucré, we understand how important it is to have everything absolutely perfect on your big day. As perfectionists ourselves, we are well aware of the need to have every miniscule detail beautifully in place; it’s how we create all our tasty treats! You can have some of that special Sucré magic at your wedding with any of our 3 wedding options, from charming favors and decadent cakes to mouth-watering dessert receptions.

When it comes to planning your wedding, few decisions are as delightful as choosing your wedding cake. From the traditional to beyond, our chefs will design a one-of-a-kind creation as memorable as the day itself. Whatever the theme, whatever your desire, we can customize and cater to your every need in our signature Sucré style. The choices are endless. Add your own twist to our classic cakes to perfectly suit your color scheme and style or give us a challenge to create something uniquely you. We love creative couples! Whether it’s classic or creative, you can be sure your guests will remember the dress and the Sucré cake.


To make your day even more memorable, send your guests home with a sweet Sucré party favor. We have a variety of options to suit your style. Our 2-piece favor boxes are available in silver and white, classic green and brown, and Mardi Gras themed – it’s always a party with Sucré! Choose your favorite flavor macarons or chocolates, or a combination of both, to fit into your 2-piece box. Want more? Our charming pink purses can fit 2, 4, or 6 pieces of Sucré chocolate for that extra sweetness! Your guests will thank you!


Still not enough? For the ultimate dessert experience that’ll really make an impact, allow Sucré to host your party with a decadent dessert reception. Pick from our seasonal repertoire or have us pick for you. There is nothing sweeter than an elaborate setup of Sucré’s most gorgeous treats that aren’t even available in stores. It’s created specially for your big day. Whether it’s a macaron tree centerpiece or a teetering tower of cupcakes, whichever Sucré option you choose, one thing’s for sure, your guests will leave with a sweet taste in their mouths!


Sucré’s Award-Winning King Cake

King Cakes are a very special and long-held custom unique to New Orleans, a city that thrives on distinctive culture and cherished traditions. It’s hard to speak of New Orleans without mentioning Mardi Gras and the Carnival season that leads up to it, and every New Orleanian knows that you can’t truly experience Mardi Gras until you’ve savored a King Cake. The city’s talented chefs pride themselves on their creations of this beloved pastry, and locals persistently scour the city’s plethora of restaurants and bakeries to find their favorite King Cake. King Cakes come in a variety of flavors, fillings, and forms. These pastries are simple and delicious, but any true New Orleanian will tell you that in order to truly celebrate the Carnival season, you need a King Cake that is crafted with expertise.


Sucré’s Executive Chef Tariq Hanna, named one of the top 10 pastry chefs in the U.S., embraced this cherished New Orleans tradition when he arrived to The Crescent City. He began by diligently studying what locals love about King Cake. After months of research he came up with his own unique take on this centuries-old tradition. Sucré’s King Cake combines a treasured custom with modern culinary sensibilities, earning the title as “the city’s first 21st-century King Cake.” We promise you will not find anything like it in New Orleans or elsewhere! 

Sucré uses only the highest-quality ingredients, beginning with crafting handmade Danish dough with a sweet cream cheese filling. After being baked to perfection, it’s covered with a light sugar glaze and coated in brilliant tones of purple, green, and gold glitter, and lots of it! Our King Cake has a distinct look that captures the unmistakable spirit of Mardi Gras. The light buttery pastry, combined with the sweetness of the filling, cinnamon and sugar, creates a heavenly tasting experience best shared with friends and family. It is guaranteed to be a highlight of your Mardi Gras celebration!


Don’t just take our word for it! Simply look to local and national food critics, from the Times Picayune to the New York Times, who have been raving about Sucré’s version of this sweet New Orleans treat. Over the years, our King Cake has been judged against the best in the region and Sucré has come out on top every time. Here are just a few accolades and recognitions we’ve received:

➜ In 2011, the Washington Post hosted a blind taste test for some of the best King Cakes in New Orleans. The winner? Sucré. “Sure enough, the combination of whipped cream cheese filling and buttery, yeasted bread wowed our testers,” said the Washington Post review. 

➜ The Times Picayune, the local newspaper, proclaimed Sucré a 2012 favorite, calling it “the city’s first 21st-century king cake.” 

➜ Saveur magazine prominently featured our king cake in 2011 as a distinctive New Orleans favorite.

Do you want to enjoy your own authentic Mardi Gras celebration but you’re too far from New Orleans? Don’t worry, we can bring New Orleans to you, wherever you are, with a delicious Sucré King Cake!



And the Award Goes to…

“If you can imagine it as a confection, Sucré can make it real. Can you say gelato po-boy?” -Gambit

Gambit’s Best of New Orleans 2013 issue was released earlier this week with exciting news for Sucré! The people of New Orleans have voted, and Sucré has been named as the Best Sweet Shop and as the Best Place for Desserts in New Orleans for the fourth consecutive year!

blog for gambit

Thanks, Nola—we can’t wait to spend another sweet year with you!

Let Them Eat Cake

southern pecan cake


Southern Pecan Cake


Going to Sucré is like stepping into another world. There are beautiful treats to behold, pastel colors, sweet smells, and tasty confections to eat. It’s like a fairy tale—only tastier. Why not bring some of that magic to your next celebration with the most delicious, gorgeous cakes in New Orleans?

Our Case Cakes create the perfect pièce de résistance for your party or special occasion. Enchanting to look at and exquisitely delicious, these intricately designed cakes will delight your family, friends, and guests. Our cakes are perfect for birthdays, graduations, office parties and holiday events. From the smallest of gatherings to the fanciest of parties, the cake says it all. Impress your guests and show your loved ones how special they are with a cake from Sucré!

foret blanc

Foret Blanc

Hand crafted by our expert staff at the Sucré Confection Studio, there is a special cake for every palate. The Foret Blanc puts a fun twist on the most classic combination—chocolate and vanilla. This chocolate sponge cake layered with vanilla cream and fresh raspberries, is wrapped in a band of white chocolate and a cloud of shavings. The Flourless Chocolate Torte is a must-have for chocolate lovers—extra rich and dense chocolate almond cake finished with an even richer chocolate ganache and the finishing touch of a chocolate macaron on top. The “Plush” Red Velvet is a reimagining of the classic red velvet favorite: crimson sponge cake layered with a rich cream cheese. The Lemon Toasted Almond gives a glamorous touch to Lemon cake—finished with waves of toasted almond buttercream.

Our famous Present Cake has the appearance of an elegant gift box, as a delicious vanilla cake with a Southern strawberry cream wrapped in your favorite colors. This cake is perfect for a graduate—get it in school colors! The Alpine is a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream, covered in dark chocolate shavings. For the Francophile in you, the Vienna is a gorgeous vanilla bean cake layered with Bavarian cream and fresh seasonal fruit, and finished in rich French buttercream. The Southern Pecan is an Italian cream cake layered with rich Dulce de Leche and roasted pecans, finished with salted caramel buttercream for the perfect flavor. The Tiffany* is our signature cake of dark chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, raspberry gelee and chocolate raspberry cake—perfect for the sweetheart in your life.

Present Cake

Present Cake

Seasonal cakes are also available at certain times of the year—call and inquire to see if there’s a special cake to meet your fancy! Sucré would love to make your occasion special, and we can provide a free plaque with a customizable inscription—such as Happy Birthday or Congratulations.  Plaques can be special ordered in advance with the recipient’s name…and we always have candles too!

Craving a Sucré cake without an occasion to celebrate? Never fear; every day is a celebration with Sucré. Try a signature Sucré cupcake topped with rich buttercream in an assortment of dual flavors, including Chocolate with Chocolate, Chocolate with Salted Caramel, Vanilla with Chocolate, Vanilla with Toasted Almond, and Vanilla with Strawberry—not to mention seasonal cupcake flavors! Available in single servings as well as half-dozens and dozens, try a cupcake and satisfy your Sucré-ving! Dozens and half-dozens are great for office treats and party favors!


*This cake is so extraordinary, you will want to order it 1 week in advance for absolute perfection.