Sucre – French Macaroon Video

Sucre – Macaroon from Sucre – Founder – Joel Dondis on Vimeo.Macaroons are delicate Parisian cookies filled with luscious creams, jams or mousselines.

18 thoughts on “Sucre – French Macaroon Video

  1. Wonderful video! The chef did an excellent job of explaining the baking process. She is really cute also.

  2. Hey Kristin, I think you did great! I can’t wait to have a macaroon! Everything at sucre is really really good!

  3. YUMMY!!! I love love love SUCRE! The glitter cupcakes last Easter were a hit at my niece’s bday party! and I love that they are open so late

  4. I have always loved your macaroons and even ship them to my friends and family in Norway. Loved the presentation of how these delightful treas are made!

  5. These are Macarons, not macaroons. You bake these in huge batches and don’t even know what they are called?

  6. You can spell these French treats both ways. The American spelling is “macaroon” while the french spelling is “macaron”

    From Webster’s Dictionary:
    Main Entry: mac·a·roon
    * Pronunciation: \ˌma-kə-ˈrün\
    * Function: noun
    * Etymology: French macaron, from Italian dialect maccarone
    * Date: circa 1611

    : a small cookie composed chiefly of egg whites, sugar, and ground almonds or coconut

  7. I first became fascinated with macarons following a viewing of the 21st century classic “marie antoinette.” :/l

  8. I just bought a small box of these today, with the thought that macarons were just simple cookies with a filling (I’ve never had them). But once these confections were tasted, I was BLOWN AWAY! The cookies were crisp but very delicate and sandwiching sublime fillings. So far, I’ve tasted the almond and the lemon (I usually hate lemon desserts but this was out of this world), and gave away the chocolate and the strawberry. Now I’m being selective as to who gets the last four, and I cannot wait to return to N.O. to get a bigger box!

  9. Actually, “macaroons” are dense cookies made usually out of coconut, while macarons are these lovely French pastries. Both are delicious 🙂 Great video. I’m going to make these for my family over the holidays!

  10. Hi Kristin , my name is Gustavo i have a restaurant in São Paulo, Brasil. I loved your videos. Could give de recipe for the macarrons?

    Thank you.

  11. My cousin (who lives in NOLA) brought a box of these to our family Christmas gathering in Georgia… YUM! Wonderful treat.. will look your store up next time I go to New Orleans…

    but for now ….
    Go FALCONS! 😉

  12. Hi, your video on youtube said the macron recipe would be posted on your site… but I don’t see it. Can you please send it to me? Pretty please with sucre on top?

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