Southern Sno Balls, Macaron Style

When it comes to creating new flavors in our kitchen, Chef Tariq bases his creative process on reinterpreting comfort food and capturing the essence of classic Americana. As many of you know, nothing describes a sweltering summer in the south quite like Sno Balls. These icy treats are an undeniable staple to the New Orleans summer diet, and it’s not just because they’re incredibly refreshing–they cool us down with flavors that are so unique that we rarely get to taste them at any other time of year, or in any way except poured over shaved ice. Two of our favorites are Nectar Cream and Creamsicle, which Tariq and his team have turned into our newest Limited Edition collection of macarons.
Our Nectar Cream macaron is filled with a white chocolate ganache and boasts the classic vanilla and almond flavoring we know as nectar cream. And of course, it’s hot pink! For the Creamsicle macaron, Tariq and Sara took another Louisiana specialty–Satsumas–and made a citrusy white chocolate ganache to fill the orange shell.
Summer doesn’t last, and neither will these flavors! Get them online and in stores for a very limited time! We can’t wait to hear how you all like them!

2 thoughts on “Southern Sno Balls, Macaron Style

  1. PLEASE bring the nectar macarons back! I saw the post on Facebook and was excited because we were planning on being in New Orleans this past weekend as we have the past few years for White Linen Night and Satchmo SummerFest, so thought our usual visit to Sucre would be even better than normal due to the nectar macarons (creamsicle was exciting as well, but I love New Orleans nectar stuff!)… but then we were not able to go due to my husband’s work schedule. Please bring them back again. Thank you!!!

  2. please send MCA macaroons for their student treat day that would bring sucre so much business is the girls got to try some of the macarons

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