Sucré & Salon ‘Mustache’ You a Question…


Are you ready for No Shave November?

This month Sucré & Salon Restaurant will have a special Mustache Collection in honor of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

We are all about the dudes this month & let’s just say we are taking this No Shave November thing pretty seriously.

Just as we did for Breast Cancer Awareness month, Sucré & Salon will donate proceeds of our selected Mustache Collection to support the Movember Foundationa charity devoted to addressing men’s health on a global scale. Movember’ is derived from the British spelling of the word ‘moustache’ combined with ‘November’ and encourages men to grow out facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health.

Sucré Mustache Collection


We will continue to sell our 15 piece Sazerac and Absinthe macaron collections in stores and online throughout the month as part of our Mustache Collection. We will also have a new MOUSSE-TACHE Dessert {White chocolate cheesecake mousse, fresh raspberry, caramel milk croquant}. (In stores only)

Salon Mustache Collection


The Salon Mustache Collection will include the Sazerand, our version of the classic Sazerac renamed after one of our bartenders, Rand, made with {Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Simple Syrup, Angostura Bitters, Absinthe garnished with an orange peel}. Proceeds from our classic Mac n Cheese & Frizel Sticks will also support the Movember Foundation. 

Instagram Contest!instagramlogo

To bring further awareness to the Mustache movement, Sucré will have an Instagram contest held the first two weeks of November. The contest winner will receive a gift card to the Aidan Gill For Men salon and a free appetizer & cocktail from Salon!

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Post a picture of yourself rockin your No Shave November mustache/beard in one of our locations (or Salon) using the hashtag #sucrestache.
  2. The top two entries will be posted side-to-side on our Instagram page for a “Face Off’. The person with the most comments will win the contest.
  3. As stated above, the winners will receive a $40 gift card to Aidan Gill for Men and a free appetizer & cocktail from Salon.
    1. The deadline to enter for the Face Off will be 9 a.m. on November 11.
    2. ‘Voting’ via comments will be open November 12-13. We will announce the winner on November 14. May the best beard win!

Sucré & Salon encourage you to sport your facial hair loud & proud and visit us this month to try out Mustache Collection for a great cause. We are looking forward to making this the best No Shave November yet!

A Sweet September


September is always such an exciting month: children embark on a new school year, Fall begins & football is in full swing–and Sucré & Salon were not behind on this year’s September frenzy.

Sucré took a twist on the annual Cupcake Challenge and created Cupcakes & Cocktails, a fundraiser to benefit four diverse nonprofit organizations based out of New Orleans. Sucré & Salon were able to donate to The Louisiana SPCA, Second Harvest Food Bank, Son of a Saint and NOCCA from the proceeds of what other than our signature cupcakes and cocktails. The fundraiser took place throughout the month of September, with a week dedicated to each of the four organizations listed above. We raised over a total of $2,000 to give to the admirable nonprofits in hopes that our donations will help them continue to make New Orleans a better place, and in hopes to inspire others to #ShareTheSweetnees.

The transactions of cupcakes and cocktails were not the only thing that took place during September. Check out what else happened behind the scenes:

The Louisiana SPCA


What’s better than sweets & puppies? Both of them Together. The Louisiana SPCA held an adoption event at Sucré Lakeside in September to find these pups a new home and to bring awareness to their organization. While dropping off the donation check to Dean and Preston (pictured above), Rachel was lucky enough to meet Grumble, arguably the cutest, most photogenic puppy EVER. (He’s up for adoption guys!) We are looking forward to working with these guys again for Howlin’ for Success in November.

Second Harvest Food Bank


In light of the recent flooding in Louisiana, we knew that this organization would be super special. In addition to our planned donation, each Sucré store served as a donation center for Second Harvest Food Bank to further contribute to the relief efforts of the catastrophic flooding. Customers received 5% off their purchase for all donated items brought to Sucré locations. Rachel was able to bring a large box filled to the top with food that was given as a gift from our lovely Sucré clientele. To learn more about how you can stop hunger, click here.

Son of a Saint


On Thursday September 22nd, Salon by Sucré held a special happy hour event from 4-7 p.m. to benefit Son of a Saint. Sonny (Son of a Saint Founder, above right, middle) & Lauren (above left, far left) from the organization arrived to our French Quarter location with T-shirts, photographs, informational pamphlets and pens & paper for guests to write inspiring messages to the young men in the program. We had a lovely turnout at the happy hour with plenty mixing and mingling (with the cocktails too of course). Drink proceeds directly benefitted Son of a Saint. Learn more about the organization and purchase tickets to their 4th Annual Gala here.



During the last week of our fundraiser, Chef Tariq made a special appearance at NOCCA’s culinary school, teaching the students about the origin, anatomy and creation of chocolate. Students were able to fully engage in the lesson by tasting over ten different types of chocolate brought in by Tariq. With not enough time to share all of his knowledge, Chef promised to return to the school to have a lesson on Éclairs. One of the students shared her personal thoughts on the class here. We’ll see you soon, NOCCA!


A special thanks to the Sucré & Salon staff and a HUGE thank you to all who came out and supported Cupcakes & Cocktails – you are the reason we were able to #ShareTheSweetness with these wonderful organizations! We are already looking forward to next year!


Stay in touch for our November activities!



Think Pink with Sucré and Salon

October 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Sucré and Salon are THINKING PINK to bring awareness to this important issue!

After a month of donating to several NOLA nonprofits in September, Sucré and Salon wanted to continue giving to charitable organizations that give so much hope, health and happiness to the city of New Orleans and beyond.

During the month of October, Sucré will be selling Think Pink Strawberry Macarons and Think Pink Desserts to benefit the Breast Cancer Awareness Research Foundation.

webThink Pink Strawberry Macaron:
Strawberry ganache, with a Southern Louisiana strawberry marmalade

8 piece & 15 piece Think Pink Macaron Collections will also be available on our Sucré Website.



Think Pink Dessert:
White chocolate cheesecake mousse, fresh raspberry, caramel milk croquant


Pair your pink confections with two rosé selections at Salon, located above our French Quarter boutique. A portion of the proceeds will also go to the Breast Cancer Awareness Research Foundation.

If you are new to Sucré, this month is the perfect time to visit one of our three retail locations. Purchasing confections from our Think Pink Collection will let you experience the signature Sucré brand while benefiting a great cause.

We hope to see you soon!

The Eclair: A History, a Recipe, and a Nod among the “World’s Best”

Executive Chef Tariq Hanna: He Does Eclair

Executive Chef Tariq Hanna swears by the éclair rule: “a bakery is only as good as its éclair.” Check out his interview with below!

Hey y’all! It’s been way too long. But don’t worry, this post is chalk-full of (cream-filled with?)  excitement. Since our last post, our éclairs were named among, “the world’s best” by Food and Wine Magazine. Now, not only can you pick up one of these delicious pastries in our boutiques, you can also get them delivered directly to your door via Good Eggsour official partner for local delivery here in New Orleans!  We strongly recommend this post be enjoyed with éclair in hand.

Sucré Does Eclair

After the nod (seems like more of a head banger?) we received from Food & Wine Magazine, we got to thinking: what exactly makes one of these french classics a   contender among one of the world’s best? Chef Tariq has been telling us for years that the éclair is the cornerstone to any great patisserie. It only took a month of exclusive dedication to the pastry in our stores to convince our local fans, but it seems the rest of the world has finally caught on, too. So what is it about this unique, torpedo-shaped pastry that differentiates it from any other pastries you may find it nestled between?

What’s in a Name?

Much like anything characteristically french, its origins are romantically shrouded in mystery, blurred by local legends and competing tales. Whose bakery? Which monarch? How much flour? There’s even disagreement around the origin of it’s name éclair— the french word for lightning. Some contend it’s due to the bright, glossy glaze, while others fiercely assert its due to the speed at which they’re usually consumed. Maybe in this case, we agree to disagree?

A name you’ll often come across (or maybe not so often, since the odds of you googling “history of éclairs” are slim to none), is that of Marie-Antoine Carême, a famous pastry chef among French nobility during the 19th century. Perhaps THE most famous. This guy was internationally renowned, or as internationally renowned as you can be in the 1800s, and he did it all without the help of Food Network and in the wake of the French Revolution. And have you ever seen one of these chef’s hats? Yeah, he created that too.

Keep it Simple: Pâte à Choux

For a man who is credited with the creation ofthe recipe for éclairs is surprisingly simplistic. Pâte à choux, the foundation of any éclair (as well as gougères and profiteroles) is a dough made of butter, water, milk, sugar, and eggs. Similar to the way Louisianans concoct a roux, the dough begins with milk and/or water being added to butter in a pan. Flour and a pinch of sugar and salt follows. The mixture is then piped into the oblong shape synonymous to éclairs.

And the final touches? The filling, the glazing, the toppings, oh my! This is truly where an éclair “finds itself.” Traditionally, éclairs are filled with chocolate or vanilla pastry cream, and topped with a ribbon of chocolate ganache. Yet in true haute cuisine fashion, the rule is such, that there are no rules. Chef Tariq has dreamt up éclairs encapsulating everything from s’mores to apple pie. L’Atelier de L’élclair in Paris sells only éclairs and is credited with the invention of the savory version of this light and airy treat, with “fixings ranging from foie gras to smoked salmon. For now, I think we’ll stick to the classics!

Southern Sno Balls, Macaron Style

When it comes to creating new flavors in our kitchen, Chef Tariq bases his creative process on reinterpreting comfort food and capturing the essence of classic Americana. As many of you know, nothing describes a sweltering summer in the south quite like Sno Balls. These icy treats are an undeniable staple to the New Orleans summer diet, and it’s not just because they’re incredibly refreshing–they cool us down with flavors that are so unique that we rarely get to taste them at any other time of year, or in any way except poured over shaved ice. Two of our favorites are Nectar Cream and Creamsicle, which Tariq and his team have turned into our newest Limited Edition collection of macarons.
Our Nectar Cream macaron is filled with a white chocolate ganache and boasts the classic vanilla and almond flavoring we know as nectar cream. And of course, it’s hot pink! For the Creamsicle macaron, Tariq and Sara took another Louisiana specialty–Satsumas–and made a citrusy white chocolate ganache to fill the orange shell.
Summer doesn’t last, and neither will these flavors! Get them online and in stores for a very limited time! We can’t wait to hear how you all like them!

Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara Give the Sweetest Gifts in NOLA

Now that New Orleans has become the hot spot for Hollywood filming, we’ve learned to be star-struck without going crazy. So when Reese Witherspoon came in to our Magazine Street store yesterday, we kept our cool while she shopped around (and then we proceeded to go home and binge watch Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama of course).

But then Sofia Vergara posed with some of our desserts and made us look pretty on her Instagram!

Sofia Vergara
Sofia is holding our Dacquoise Rouqe, and in the box she has a Lait Praline,  Summer Berry Verrine, a S’more’s Skillet, and an S&M.

And how did Sofia show her thanks for a gift as sweet as Sucré? Monogrammed linens from Leontine Linens of course!
Leontine Linens

What a perfect exchange of Magazine Street gifts!

A huge thank you to these lovely ladies for making us part of their last days on-set in NOLA. We hope you come back soon!

Winners of the Macaron Challenge!

First, if you haven’t been following the blog for the last two months we hosted a Macaron Challenge. We selected a dozen popular food bloggers to take Tariq’s top secret macaron recipe and put their own creative spin on it. We had some truly awe-inspiring creations. We then asked our readers to vote on their favorites. The top three ballots would then be handed over to Tariq for him to crown his favorite.

While we were busy enjoying the entries from our chosen bloggers it turned out we had a much wider interest to enter the contest. We created the Even More Macaron Challenge that would allow anyone to enter their own fun twist on Tariq’s recipe. From this pool the team here at Sucré choose their favorite. The winner of each contest would get a year supply of macarons with our Quarter Club!

Well, the winners have been decided. Drum roll please…

The winner of our First Annual Macaron Challenge is They Draw and Cook with their Rosemary Lemon Macarons! As a special treat Tariq decided to put a further spin on the recipe and create his own version of Rosemary Lemon Macarons. They were beyond delicious!

Lemon Rosemary Macarons

For the Even More Macaron Contest we had so many amazing submissions. In the end we decided that our favorite was Culinary Couture’s Tiramisu Macarons!

Tiramisu Macarons

Thank you everybody for participating and we can’t wait to share some of our new Macaron flavors with you soon!