Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara Give the Sweetest Gifts in NOLA

Now that New Orleans has become the hot spot for Hollywood filming, we’ve learned to be star-struck without going crazy. So when Reese Witherspoon came in to our Magazine Street store yesterday, we kept our cool while she shopped around (and then we proceeded to go home and binge watch Legally Blonde and Sweet Home Alabama of course).

But then Sofia Vergara posed with some of our desserts and made us look pretty on her Instagram!

Sofia Vergara
Sofia is holding our Dacquoise Rouqe, and in the box she has a Lait Praline,  Summer Berry Verrine, a S’more’s Skillet, and an S&M.

And how did Sofia show her thanks for a gift as sweet as Sucré? Monogrammed linens from Leontine Linens of course!
Leontine Linens

What a perfect exchange of Magazine Street gifts!

A huge thank you to these lovely ladies for making us part of their last days on-set in NOLA. We hope you come back soon!

Winners of the Macaron Challenge!

First, if you haven’t been following the blog for the last two months we hosted a Macaron Challenge. We selected a dozen popular food bloggers to take Tariq’s top secret macaron recipe and put their own creative spin on it. We had some truly awe-inspiring creations. We then asked our readers to vote on their favorites. The top three ballots would then be handed over to Tariq for him to crown his favorite.

While we were busy enjoying the entries from our chosen bloggers it turned out we had a much wider interest to enter the contest. We created the Even More Macaron Challenge that would allow anyone to enter their own fun twist on Tariq’s recipe. From this pool the team here at Sucré choose their favorite. The winner of each contest would get a year supply of macarons with our Quarter Club!

Well, the winners have been decided. Drum roll please…

The winner of our First Annual Macaron Challenge is They Draw and Cook with their Rosemary Lemon Macarons! As a special treat Tariq decided to put a further spin on the recipe and create his own version of Rosemary Lemon Macarons. They were beyond delicious!

Lemon Rosemary Macarons

For the Even More Macaron Contest we had so many amazing submissions. In the end we decided that our favorite was Culinary Couture’s Tiramisu Macarons!

Tiramisu Macarons

Thank you everybody for participating and we can’t wait to share some of our new Macaron flavors with you soon!

Sucré Collaborates with NOLA Brewing Co. for Father’s Day

When Chef Tariq confirmed that Sucre’s Father’s Day Stout Chocolate would use NOLA Brewing Co.’s Irish Channel Stout, we knew a team trip to the Brewery was in order. The Brewery is just a few blocks away from us, and we had a blast crashing our neighbor’s party during their Friday Happy Hour. We intended only to sample the Stout and pair it with our chocolates–for research purposes of course–but the temptation to try all the craft beers on tap was too strong, and our informational field trip quickly turned into a party.

I had the chance to explore the Brewery a few days later, and this experience reminded me that, like making chocolates, brewing craft beer is a highly detail-oriented art form. Amidst the machinery and the impossibly tall towers of beer cans (no, they’re not full!), NOLA Brewing’s warehouse is home to the gear of the New Orleans Dragon’s Walking Club, which walks with the Krewe of Tucks during Mardi Gras.

I had my camera with me hoping to capture the essence of the brewery, but as soon as I walked into the warehouse, I knew there was no way to truly convey the experience on camera or with words. Like Sucre’s kitchen, the overwhelming and delicious smell of NOLA Brewing’s warehouse put an immediate smile on my face. Peter Cadoo, the Brewmaster, was brewing the NOLA Blonde Ale when I visited. He let me climb up to see (and smell) the process.

Like Sucre, NOLA Brewing Co. is a post-Katrina small business endeavor. If you take a tour on a Friday, you might get the chance to talk with Kirk Coco, the Brewery’s founder, who knew that New Orleans beer culture could revive and thrive after the storm.

Named in thanks to the Brewery’s (and our) neighborhood, The Irish Channel Stout “starts with a strong espresso front end, finishes with a touch of Baker’s Chocolate and is balanced with a crisp bitterness produced by American Hops and roasted barley.” The Stout’s rich flavor with our semisweet chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate shell is truly a winning combination that Dad (and everyone else) will love.

Happy Mother’s Day!

At Sucré, we love finding more and more reasons to celebrate, and we love creating unique treats to commemorate such special occasions. This year, we’ve decided to give a very special occasion the recognition it deserves. This is the one day of the year dedicated to the most special people in our lives; our mothers. Our moms have given us that unconditional love, they have supported our dreams, and we will be the first to admit that we would be nowhere without them!
For these extra special ladies, we have several extra special treats! First, the macarons…

We’ve added a little something to the classic Mother’s Day macaron. The White Chocolate Lavender Macaron now has blueberry in it! Just like Mom liked to include little surprises in your lunch box, we’ve stuffed the perfect little treat in there too.

Since mothers are so special to us, we thought they deserved another macaron dedicated to them! The White Chocolate Rose Macaron captures elegance and class perfectly coupled with familiarity and comfort – exactly how we view our mothers.
We didn’t stop there. To thank our mothers for everything they’ve done for us, we’ve also created an all-new chocolate collection. Something extra sweet for the sweetest ladies we know!
Raspberry tangerine
Raspberry pate de fruit atop a tangerine dark chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

Lychee rose
Lychee pate de fruit atop a rose milk chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

Cassis citron
Cassis pate de fruit atop a lemon milk chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate
These Mother’s Day treats are available in a Mother’s Day collection or individually. Customize your mother’s treat by selecting your favorite items, or ship to wherever she is with Sucré’s many shipping options. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to leave her with a sweet taste in her mouth.

Even More Macaron Challenge

Here at Sucré we have been having too much fun watching what fantastic creations our bloggers are making in the First Annual Macaron Challenge. As of writing this the latest two entrants were S’mores and Root Beer Float, can you believe it?

We’ve also been pouring through the comments on each of the macaron creations and have realized there are a ton of people out there who have never experienced the joy of baking their own macarons. We would like to change that.

The Even More Macaron Challenge

Beginning today we are holding a secondary challenge open to all bakers out there!

The rules are the same, take Tariq’s top secret recipe for macarons and put your own spin on it. If you want to document your creative journey on your blog, great, send us a link to Don’t have a blog? No problem. Tweet out a photo and description of your entry to @SucreNewOrleans or post it to our Facebook Wall.

We will be choosing our favorite at the end of May and they will receive a Quarterly Macaron Membership (for 1 year).

The Main Challenge

But don’t forget that our main challenge is still going strong. In fact, we’ve decided to extend the voting period to the end of May as well.

Keep checking back to the Sweet Talk blog to see new entrants from 13 of our favorite bloggers!

New Additions to Sucré’s Menu: Strawberry Fest and Easter

Strawberry Fest: The All-New Strawberry Macaron

At Sucré, we are dedicated to constant improvement and understand that the road to perfection is a never-ending one. We aim to deliver the most delicious treats to our loyal customers, and with Strawberry Fest in mind, what better time to give our classic favorite Strawberry Macaron a sprucing up?

First off, what is Strawberry Fest? From March through May, Ponchatoula strawberries, (the tastiest of strawberries, in our humble opinion) come into season. Part of Sucré’s mission is to serve decadent desserts centered around fresh local ingredients. The plump, juicy, sweet Ponchatoula Strawberry is a Louisiana delicacy – it’s the state fruit! – and Ponchatoula has earned the title of “Strawberry Capital of the World.” To celebrate this local staple, Sucré offers a variety of strawberry-themed entremets, from a fairly traditional Strawberry Mascarpone Éclair to an exciting and refreshing Strawberry Lychee Berry Verrine. There’s a strawberry treat for everyone!

This year, the Strawberry Macaron got a makeover, and she’s tastier than ever. Oprah called Sucré’s Strawberry Macaron “almost too pretty to eat” in O Magazine, and she couldn’t have said it better! We’ve made a few changes to what we call our “Southern Belle” of macarons.

Prior to this year’s Stawberry Fest, Sucré’s Strawberry macarons were filled with a buttercream mousseline mixed with homemade Ponchatoula strawberry preserves. Chef Tariq Hanna, always the perfectionist, has diligently worked to introduce a sweet cocktail of fillings that perfectly compliment and enhance the Ponchatoula strawberry’s deliciousness, and of course, he added a little glitter to the mix! The new and improved sparkly pink shells are filled with a swirl of white chocolate, strawberry ganache, and a center of fresh strawberry jam. Sounds delicious? Trust us, it is!strawberry collection

As we bid farewell to the beloved “old” Strawberry Macaron, we embrace new traditions and always look toward celebrating classic favorites in exciting and different ways. Our chefs are always on the lookout for interesting new recipes to push the boundaries, so stay tuned for more innovative sweet treats from Sucré!Strawberry_Entrement

Easter: The All-New Easter Macaron Collection

At Sucré, we like to change things up and offer seasonal collections available at different times of the year. Our chefs create macarons specifically for many of holidays we celebrate, and these range from Christmas to Mother’s Day. What better way to celebrate than with a limited edition macaron? They make great gifts that are best enjoyed with friends and family. This Easter, we’ve come up with two new Easter Macarons to add to our Easter Macaron Collection!
To accompany the crowd-pleasing Carrot Cake Macaron (gluten free carrot cake blended into a cream cheese buttercream), our chefs have come up with a Coconut Pineapple Macaron as well as a Meyer Lemon Macaron. We think you’ll like these new additions!

The Coconut Pineapple Macaron comes in an appropriately brilliant shade of blue. It is a creamy coconut ganache filled with pineapple marmalade. These 2 flavors are paired perfectly together for a macaron that is guaranteed to be one of your favorites.

The Meyer Lemon Macaron is a tart lemon ganache surrounding a center of Meyer lemon curd. It’s quite the treat for lemon lovers! It comes in an inviting yellow hue and tops off this pastel-covered collection perfectly.

Lemon curd, pineapple marmalade, and cream cheese buttercream make for a complete family of fillings available in our Easter Collection. All of these Macarons have a strong personality that shine on their own. Together, they are simply irresistible. Their vibrant colors make for a gorgeous collection perfect for Easter! These are only available until Easter, so get your hands on them while you can!

First Annual Macaron Challenge

We have some very exciting news today on Sweet Talk. Today kicks off the First Annual Macaron Challenge!

What is the Macaron Challenge?

I’m glad you asked! We recruited 13 of our favorite bloggers, and boy do we have a great mix! We have everything from a blogger who makes works of art from her recipes to a vegetarian blogger who hopes to find a way to make a completely vegetarian macaron!

How does it work?

We’ve given out a home version of our top secret macaron recipe to each of the 13 bloggers. The recipe is our very basic macaron recipe, no strawberries or fun fillings or anything like that. It is up to each blogger to put their unique spin on Sucré’s world famous macarons. They will document their progress and write an article along with their macaron entry sometime during the month of April. As each person completes their recipe we will add it to this page so that you can check out their handy work.

The Entrants

Taste and Tell and Strawberry Colada Macarons

Deborah from Taste and Tell gives some stellar insight into one of the more debated aspects of macaron making, resting. Find out more about her experience and how she came up with her unique flavor at Taste and Tell.

They Draw and Cook and Rosemary Lemon Macarons

Salli from They Draw and Cook let her readers point her in the direction of a savory creation. She also draws all her recipes so you can have a print out of a beautiful macaron recipe, check it out at They Draw and Cook.

Eats Well With Others and Snickerdoodle Macarons

After trying a handful of recipes Joanne landed on the Snickerdoodle for her macaron inspiration. You’ll feel like you’re right there next to her in the kitchen as she recounts her tale at Eats Well With Others.

Dessert First and Fluffy Marshmallow Creme Macarons

Taking a page from our own Easter macaron playbook Anita serves up some tasty treats. You’ll definitely have to “peep” this out at Dessert First.

Celebrating Everyday Life and Pink Lemonade Macarons

Jennifer takes her first crack at macaron making and if you are thinking about making your own macarons for the first time, you’ll definitely want to read the tips over at Celebrating Everyday Life.

Budget Bytes and Smores Macarons

Beth brings out the campfire and an immersive photo journey in her quest to make smore macarons, read all about it at Budget Bytes.

Coconut & Lime and Root Beer Float Macarons

Rachel imagined the macaron center as a similar idea to the froth on a root beer float and provides further instructions on how she made her macarons over at Coconut & Lime.

We Are Not Martha and Rose Lemonade Macarons

Susie includes in her recipe rose petals ground in her mortar and pestle. Have I caught your attention, find out more at We Are Not Martha.

The Naptime Chef and Key Lime & Orange Blossom Macarons

Kelsey found a way to make the most refreshing sounding recipe we’ve seen yet, find out more at The Naptime Chef.

A Veggie Venture and Sweet Potato, Ginger, and Orange Macarons

Alanna is our vegetable inclined blogger who not only came up with a veggie friendly recipe but nailed them on her first try, find out more at A Veggie Venture.

A Little Saffron and Chocolate Lover’s Macarons

Ileana took a journey through chocolate and macaron town. Find out what she felt was the easiest and hardest parts about making macarons at A Little Saffron.

The Voting

You, the Sucré reader, get to choose which three blogs will be finalists by voting on your favorite macaron below. Granted, you won’t be able to taste their creations so we are asking you to judge each macaron on their creativity and presentation. At the end of April the three blogs with the most votes will be revealed to Tariq, our Executive Pastry Chef, and he will select his favorite. This blogger gets their very own Sucré Macaron Subscription so they can enjoy macarons all year long! Check this page regularly throughout the month of April for updates on the Macaron Challenge!

Vote For Your Favorite

Which blog made your favorite macaron?

Official Sucré Macaron Challengers!