Father’s Day at Sucre!

Father’s Day can be a tricky holiday. It’s known for the standard, stoic gifts of ties and golfing gear, but why? Here at Sucre, we know that everyone loves a sweet treat. Think about it. How often have you gotten a gift for Mom, only to have her say, “I’m gonna have to hide these from your father!” or, “OH! Your dad loves these!” This Father’s Day, turn the tables and get dad his own special indulgence. Sucre has tons of gift options, including The Man Collection and a special feature at our retail stores, a custom blue hat box that you can build with all your father’s favorites.

Candied Pecans, Salted Pretzel Bars, and our Avery truffles (sprinkled with local Avery Island salt) are just some of the products that will have every kind of Sugar Daddy smiling this Father’s day. That’s right. Sugar Daddy. Sucre is on a mission this summer to rebrand the Sugar Daddy. Does your step-father pine for pecans? Does your grandfather have a sweet tooth when it comes to dark chocolate truffles? Does your great-grandfather go gaga for ganache? Then they’re our kind of Sugar Daddy. From the father of your children to the man who’s been like a father to you, Sucre wants to honor any man who appreciates an overdose of sucrose in his diet. So on June 17, be sweet to your Sugar Daddy and bring him in to Sucre! No reservations required, and here you can treat him right!