Why We Do What We Do

I suppose that one could give the ethereal answer as, “Well, I find that harmonizing with ones palette brings deeper enlightenment of one’s inner being through gentle balances of sensual textures and flavours!” Well that’s not us! There is nothing mysterious about what we do at Sucré . It is a very simple answer. We do what we do because it’s fun and we love it.

sweet talk image

Sucré from its very conception was and will always be a labour of love. It is constant collaborations that sometimes resemble children formulating a new game to play that keeps evolving.

More so, on the childlike front it definitely translates to the faces of the customers who see it for the first time: Wondrous clouds of ice cream and mousses. Acres of pastries and chocolates. How can one not be thrown back to childhood when constantly surrounded by such delight?

I think I just figured out that Sucré is the fountain of youth!

Bon Bon dreams,

Chef Tariq