#1 Top Secret Recipe

Famous French Macaroons

250g TPT = almond powder and icing sugar – sifted
100g sugar
100g egg white
25g sugar
* add color as desired

200g pistachio paste or other flavoring
200g butter cream
* Amounts of flavors, pastes etc. will vary with personal taste

To make the macaroons, sieve the sugar and the TPT very fine. Put aside.
Now whisk the egg white together with the second part of sugar at middle speed.
Gradually whisk the egg white mixture to become very stiff. * if cooking the sugar for the meringue cook to 245° F and follow the standard procedure for making a cooked meringue adding color in the end.
* Add natural powder color

Fold the TPT mix into meringue.

Setting: With a whole nozzle pipe, pipe small discs on a baking parchment. Bake for 2-3 minutes at 200° C/ 392° F closed, 8-10 min at 170° C/ 338° F open. Remove from the oven and let the macaroons cool. Whisk the pistachio paste with the butter cream and pipe the mix on the macaroons.Pipe the filling between two macaroons and sandwich them.

VOILA! Enjoy your perfect macaroons with a glass of cold milk!

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26 thoughts on “#1 Top Secret Recipe

  1. Hi! I was looking at the your video on making macarons using syrup. However it is not stated in this recipe. Can I have the recipe please? Really looking forward to it! Thanks!

  2. Hi! I was looking at the your video on making macarons using syrup. However it is not stated in this recipe. Can I have the recipe please? Really looking forward to it! Thanks!

  3. Use equal parts sugar and water for the syrup. Color as desired. Cook the sugar to a very soft ball stage. The quantity of finished sugar added is subjective to some degree depending on how sweet you would like or, not like them to be.

    Happy cooking !

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  5. hi…i watched ur video on utube and the egg white is not only 4 the meringue…. u added more after …can u share with us that recipe? thanks

  6. thanks! so i saw in the video you add more egg whites after whipping the meringue to make it more shiny? How much do you add? Are they just plain separated egg whites?

  7. Wonderful video but like others commented, you added aditional whites. How much should we add to make it shiny. Please let us all know and thank you for sharing the recipe and process.

  8. Hey there! Thanks for your interest in our recipe. You should add 50 grams of plain egg whites. Let us know if you need any more help! Good luck 🙂

  9. Hi I would like to know how you make the tpt??? what’s the ratio of the almond flour and icing sugar. ?

  10. The syrup is made from the 100g listed in the recipe. Add enough water to dislve the sugar and then cook.

    Happy cooking!

  11. Hi!!
    I`m very excited to try this recipe, but I have a couple of questions.
    1. If I want to make the meringue with the syrup, do I use the 100 gms of sugar for the syrup, or do I also use the 25 gms also listed in the recipe. If I only ise the 100 gms, what do I use the 25 gms for?

    2. How do I make the TPT, in what percentage of ingredients??

    thanks for sharing!!!

  12. I am retired and try to make macaron for fun. What’s that mean by Bake macaron at 392° F closed, 8-10 min at 338° F open. For 2 weeks, I have failed 495 egg white try to make french macaron until I saw your video. This is most wonderful video that I have ever saw in the internet. Thank you. Can you explain to me the baking method? I have baked either no feet or crack on top or feet went side way. Thanks a million.

  13. hi
    thankyou for sharing this top secret french macaroon 🙂
    um, i’ve got a few question about it
    250 g TPT almond powder n icing sugar -> is it 125gr of almond n 125 gr of icing sugar
    in the syrup that you mention in your video , ( sugar+ water) n color it as u desired ( use coloring substances? )
    then the last question about baking process , wht meaning 200c closed n 170c open ?

    thankyou , pls reply 🙂 love sucre

  14. Tiffanie,
    The TPT is 125g of almond powder and 125g 10X powder sugar.
    U can use gel color or powder if you wish.
    The Open and Close, refer to vents in you oven if you have them. In commercial ovens, you have the ability to open and close vents to extract all the moisture from the chamber.

    Hope this helps


  15. Dear Chef,
    May I know in your video, what is the name brand of that rotary rack oven?
    Thank you so much. We love Scure, great Chef, amazing products,
    Great service.

  16. So, TPT indicates that an equal mixture of almond powder and icing sugar will make 250g, so NOT 250 g of sugar and 250 g of almond powder…?!

  17. Its pretty intresting because u definitely using in this recipe italian meringue and as u say egg white mixture should be rly stiff(and that part its true) ,but what makes me suspicious its a fact that in your video the egg white mixture its completely liquid! So i believe this recipe wont help anybody make “perfect macaroons” coz some tips are obviosly not mentioned in this recipe.Could you please explain me why mixture on video its totally different from that on the recipe??

  18. Although the video shows an Italian meringue process, the printed recipe is for a classic french meringue recipe that our Chef used for many years.
    However, we show you a peek into the real production world of macarons at Sucré, but some of our secrets must remain guarded. This process is widely used by other chefs, but the actual recipe and some of the “tricks” have to stay secretive

  19. how about the baking time, mine don’t have the open/close for moisture? what will be the temperature and time for baking the macaroons?

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