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Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering online

Q: When is my order arriving?

A:  Your order confirmation email will state the requested arrival date and include a tracking number.  You can log into your account to track your package  or paste the tracking number here


Q: What items can I ship?

A:  We are proud to ship Sucré product to you!  Everything shown at can be shipped.  This includes macarons, chocolates, bars, drinking chocolates, candied pecans and more. 



Q: Can I pay using a gift card?

A: Sure! Give us a ring at 504.708.4366 and we can help you place your order. Or you can email your order, billing and shipping information, and your gift card # to and we'll get right on it!


Q: Do you ship out of the country?

A:  No. 


Q: When will my order ship?

A: If you placed your order before 1pm CST, Monday-Thursday, it will ship the same day. If you order on a Friday-Sunday, it will be shipped the following Monday. Due to the fact that we don’t ship over the weekends, there is only overnight shipping on Thursdays.


Q: Why don’t you ship on the weekends in summer months?

A:  Some shipping companies hold packages in their warehouses and on trucks and we find that temperature control is very important in maintaining the perfection of Sucre products. 


Q: Why is your shipping price so high in the summer months?

A: We appreciate how you feel.  Each year we dread the summer heat for fear of what heat will do to our precious confections! For summer months we pack each order in a Styrofoam ice chest with frozen gel packs to ensure that they arrive to the recipient as perfectly as they left our Sucre confection studio.  We expedite shipping and do not pass all of these costs on to our customer, as we understand the costs of shipping. As soon as the temperature drops, so does our shipping price!


Q:  What if I want a different assortment of macarons than what is offered on the site?

A:  We want everyone to be happy and have put together certain offerings based on what we know are the best selections.  If you want something special you can visit on of our Sucré shops in New Orleans and create your own collection!


Q.  Can I ship to multiple addresses?

A.  Yes!  Visit our website and set up an account.  We will even keep the information for your future orders!


Sucré Sweet Boutique Questions

Q: What are your store hours?

A: 8am-10pm Sunday-Thursday, 8am- midnight Friday & Saturday.  In the summer we extend weekday hours until 11 pm!


Q: Where are your stores located?

A: We have two locations! 3025 Magazine Street and 3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes! Will have Sucré delivered to you! Call Magazine St. at 504.520-8311 or Lakeside at 504.834.2277 to order your sweet treats! Or we can deliver to your car if you would like curbside pickup.  Just give us a ring and we can run anything to your car.      


Q: How much is it to rent out your store?

We can gladly consider renting the store for an ultra-special party.  Contact the Store Manager for more information.  


Q: Where are you opening you next Sucré Sweet Boutique?

A: We are always on the lookout for expansion opportunities. We have plans for a new store in the French Quarter of New Orleans to openin early 2014, and you never know where we’ll pop up next!


Q: Do you have a store in …(New York, Idaho, Tennessee, etc.)?

A: Until the day when there is a Sucré Sweet Boutique  in every city, visit our retail partners and find your favorite Sucré products!  Check here ( for a list of all of our retail partners. We’re always on the lookout for new additions, so if you know of a sweet specialty shop that could use a little Sucré, send their info to!


Sucré Beyond  the Web and Sweet Boutiques

Q: Where can I find your products?

A: Check here ( a list of all of our retail partners. We’re always on the lookout for new additions, so if you know of a sweet specialty shop that could use a little Sucré, send their info to!


Q: Who started Sucré?

A: That would be our exceptional founders Joel Dondis and Tariq Hanna. For more information on them, click here.



Sucré Product Questions

Q: Which products are gluten free?

A: Our macarons EXCEPT for the Malted Milk and all of our chocolates EXCEPT for the Malted Milk


Q: Which products are vegan, vegetarian?

A: A:  Although most of our product is vegetarian, most of our individual desserts do however contain gelatin. Our barks, sorbets and artisal bars are vegan.


Q: I have nut allergies.  What can I get?

A:   Although nuts may not be in the name of a dessert, there may be a nut component in there.  We also do produce all our product in a facility that uses nuts in various forms. Although we employ every measure to ensure sanitaion between usage of equipment, we do use the same pieces of equipment for both nut and nut free products.


Q: Where is everything made?

A: All of our sweet treats are made at our Confection Studio in Mid-City New Orleans. It’s also where we make our wedding and specialty cakes!


Q: What is gelato?

A: Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert made of whole milk.  This gives it richness without flavors becoming masked by the fat from cream. The flavors are very intense and the texture is soft and silky.  We also pasteurize our own Louisiana cane sugar for our gelato.


Q: Do you guys sell Macaroons?

A: We actually sell macarons, which are the French cookies. They’re made with almond-flour based wafer cookies and they’re filled with a French mousseline and generally do not contain any coconut.   For more information visit


Q: What is the shelf life of your macarons?

A: Remember: freshness is key to enjoying the best taste possible. Here are some tips on storage and maintaining freshness for as long as possible.

1. The sooner you eat your them, the better. Typically, you have about 7 days before thy lose its freshness.

2. Refrigerate them to help preserve them longer, especially if they won't be eaten right away.

3. Keep them stored in an airtight container, such as Tupperware. This will help preserve the freshness even further.

4. Saving them for much later? You can store your French macarons for even longer by freezing them, although we recommend eating them within 3 months. Keep them in an airtight container and allow about 4 hours to thaw when you remove them from the freezer.


Q: How long do chocolates stay fresh?

A: Our chocolates can stay fresh for up to 30 days in a cool, dry place, but don’t put them in the fridge!


Q: When will you have king cakes again?

A: King Cakes are sold from Twelfth Night (January 6th) until Ash Wednesday every year.


Q: What is a King Cake?  And why are they only sold during certain times of year?

A: Learn all about King Cakes at


Q: Is your glitter/paint/transfer/gold leaf edible?

A: At Sucre, we take every measure to ensure the absolute safety and compliance with FDA and OPHD codes.  The dosage in which we use glitter and luster and 24k gold is well within the limits of these governing bodies.
No product contains more than 1/10 gram of any one of the products. There is no effect unless more than 9 grams are consumed at once.  It is digestible.  Transfer sheets are created with cocoa butter and FD&C colors, approved for safety.



Q.  Do you do wedding cakes?

A. At Sucre, we pride ourselves on the focus and attention we give to each and every hand crafted cake, pastry, chocolate or confection. We have spent many years perfecting our craft in order to provide you, our valued client, and the opportunity to enjoy and celebrate with a one-of-a-kind cake for your occasion.

It is also with this belief, that we also limit the number of Specialty and Wedding cakes we make every week, so as to give the utmost attention to your individual creation.

As every cake for every occasion is different, this will affect the price. We will try to work within a range of pricing you desire, but that is all dependent on the size and design elements you are looking for.

As all of our cakes are individualized, there is a minimum cost of $500.  All our sculpted cakes begin at $1500.

All of our cakes are covered with the highest quality Swiss Fondant and we use only the freshest quality ingredients to create your individual masterpiece.

During your consultation time, you will have the opportunity to taste 4 flavors of cake, and 4 flavors of fillings. At this time, we encourage you to bring as many ideas from

magazines or from the internet to start getting an idea of the direction of design you are looking for. Please note that we do not feel comfortable recreating exact replicas of other bakery’s cakes. We may use certain design elements from them, but will not do exact replicas.

Once we have gathered all the information, we then assess the size and number of layers required for the event and the number of hours required to create your cake. Once we have done that, we will send you a proposal that shows a delivered price.

Please contact us to arrange your personal consultation.

To set up a consultation please email –consultations are held Tuesdays-Saturdays at our Confection Studio.


Q: How much is a custom cake?

A: Our tiered wedding and specialty cakes start at $500, and our sculpted cakes (3D Designs) start at $1500. Email for more details.  Also look at our menu of cakes for consideration for events.


Q: Can I have a (Harry Potter, Dora the Explorer, My Little Pony) cake?

A: Sorry, we're not allowed to replicate copyrighted designs.  Lawyers don't like it.



Q: What makes Sucré special?

A: Sucré is an artisan confection studio and Sweet Boutique in New Orleans, Louisiana, offering the quintessential dessert experience in each and every product.  Founded in 2006 by restaurateur/chef/entrepreneur Joel Dondis and Executive Pastry Chef Tariq Hanna, Sucré quickly became a favorite spot for New Orleans locals and visitors within a city that takes great pride in the culinary arts.  Outstanding quality, exceptional offerings and unique packaging enabled Sucré to stand out immediately.  Consistency in that level of quality with great attention to local and fresh ingredients allowed the love of Sucré to endure and spread across the country.


Q: Who did the art in the stores?

A: That would be the illustrious Alex Beard, a local New Orleans artist whose work can be found at



Questions that we did not answer? Send them to